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Prakash Drycleaners feels honored to provide our dry cleaning services and products for your designer merchandise.

About us:
Since 1961, Prakash Drycleaners has been a part of the laundry and dry cleaning industry. For the past sixty years, we have provided reliable services of the highest quality with a commitment to nurturing and caring for your threads. We have always provided for all requirements of commercial cleaning and laundry thanks to our experience and understanding in the field. Our all the services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers.
Every garment and item is processed in accordance with the specifications given by our customers.
Every member of our dry cleaning staff, including the attendants, has undergone extensive training to perform all tasks and has fulfilled all required requirements. We guarantee that we will only use safe dry cleaning solutions that effectively clean any kind of fabric that you own.
Through the years, we have built flourishing roots in the industry thanks to our happy and satisfied clientele.

Specifically for B2B clients:

In order to guarantee fast, complete, and high-quality service, we will assign one person from our office to assist with communication and make sure you get your package on time, which will save you time on logistics.
We also have Same Day Express Service, which takes less than 4 hours to complete the task.
Our company also offers complimentary pick-up and delivery services!

Please let us know if there is another delivery option that you would prefer.

If you would like us to use a standard confidentiality agreement with this schedule, kindly forward it to us at

Since 1961, Prakash Drycleaners has been a leading provider of timely, high-quality services in the laundry and drycleaning sectors. With our proficiency in industrial washing and cleaning, we handle garments according to with customer specifications. We use safe dry cleaning solutions and have well-trained workers. We have a flourishing presence in the business thanks to happy clientele.

For B2B clients, we will designate an employee from our office to offer fast, excellent service that guarantees effective communication and on-time delivery. We also provide free pick-up and delivery services, as well as Same Day Express Service with processing times under four hours.

If you have a standard confidentiality agreement that you wish us to use in conjunction with this proposal, please send it to us  at

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